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to Pedestal Rock

to Richland Creek

Day 8, Tuesday, July 4

All the websites warned about how strenuous the hike out of Hemmed-in-Hollow was (2.5 miles uphill) and rough the road to Kyle's Landing was (4wd, pebbles the size of fists, 6 inch ruts), so I decided to skip them for this trip and head to Harrison for the night (Monday night).

Today, I got back on my route, hiked the Pedestal Rock Scenic area, and continued my curvey drive to the Richland Creek Scenic area that Uncle John recommended.

It was 10 miles from the turn off to the camp, but 10 miles over a rough road at 20 mph is not the same as "ten miles down the road." I drove and drove and drove and then pulled into a wild camping spot next to the river and contemplated staying there, but then said "forget it" and pulled out to head back to the main road. Right then, a forest ranger pulled and said he was heading to the campground and just to follow him.


He took off and I tried to stay up. (He wasn't driving a rental.) Eventually, he stopped and said I didn't have to try to keep up with him. (He had a sick worker at the camp he was going to check on.) If I just continued along the road, I'd reach the camp.

Then the road split and I went right instead of leftfor quite a while until I made a multi-point U-turn. The road was about 1 1/2 lanes with a mountainside to the right and a drop off to the left. In the middle of the turn, the same park ranger pulled up looking for a cell signal to call in the EMS for his worker. He sent me back with clearer directions and off I went, finally reaching the campsite.

On map #2, you can see the road leading up from the bottom and the turnoff to the left that I missed. But the campground was free, and I got set up nicely. The sick worker was a mower who overdid it in the heat and humidity.

I ate some hotdogs, read a book, and went to bed.

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