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Mount Nebo

to Mount Magazine

and Back

Day 5, Saturday, July 1

I had to reserve two nights at Mt Nebo, so this morning, I woke up and drove to Mount Magazine to hike, knowing I would have to drive back to Mt Nebo afterwards. Which is not a big deal because they are only an hour apart.
But I knew I would only be doing one hike, so I followed part of the North Rim trail, part of Signal Hill trail, and parts of two others to make a couple of loops totaling just under six miles.

The trails weren't well maintained. I was stooping to get under a fallen tree and as I came up on the other side, I banged my head on a limb that was hidden from my view.

Then I drove in to Russellville, visited a bookstore, ate a nice pasta dinner, and then drove back to Mt Nebo.

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