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I decided it was too hot to hike in Texas, so instead,

I'm going to Arkansas.

Day 1, Tuesday, June 27

I usually rent an SUV for my camping trips since they always take me to the mountains. Which is a good thing, because some of the roads in the Ozarks come with warnings about how rough they are.  Last summer, they gave me a compact SUV instead of an intermediate and told me they were the same thing. I argued and the lady scribbled "free upgrade" on the back of a business card. Whatever.

I'm supposed to get a Nissan Rogue this time, and I don't know what they tried to give me at first, but it looked like an employee's old clunker. The driver's seat was stained and the inside smelled, so I asked for something different and they gave me a Dodge Journey. It cost an extra $80 for the two weeks, but it's bigger and cleaner and did a fine job.

My plan was to ride my bike to Enterprise and put the bike in the back and return home. What I did was drive down in my car and rent it and then after driving back home in my car, I rode back up on my bike, put it in the back, and came home.

For whatever reason, I wasn't real motivated to get started. I ended up not hitting the road until 2:45 after a late lunch at Chili's. So, instead of camping at Millwood State Park, I stayed in Texarkana, watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and car camped in the Wal-Mart parking lot.


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